"Bus connects" bus-corridors proposal for Cork city

 The National Transport Authority are working on a project to improve public transport services in the metropolitan areas around most Irish cities.

For Cork city, they have a plan to build "Sustainable Transport Corridors" which will have continuous bus priority and cycle tracks along 12 key radial bus corridors.

A proposed map of these routes was released for consultation in June 2022.  More about this idea, and the proposed bus-corridors is available here.

Note that these are not bus-routes.  Instead, they are "bus and bicycle corridors", which can be used by buses.  Actual bus routes may go further than these corridors - and some bus-route may even use more than one corridor.

Also, these are currently only proposals or suggestions.  Any bus-route changes will not happen until 2023 at the earliest.

See Cork city bus routes for information about bus routes that are running in the city now.

Proposed bus and bicycle corridors in Cork metropolitan area, June 2022