Bus fares in Cork city

Bus fares for Cork city bus services - defined as buses within the Cork city-fare zone (which is actually a little large than Cork city).

See bus company websites for regional and national fares.
This information is correct as at April 2022.

Fares for Bus Éireann Cork city-zone services   

City zone fares apply in the city-fares zone, as shown in this map.  They can be paid using cash (single journeys only) or using a Leap card (for cheaper prices, and multi-journey tickets).

Cash fares

  • Adult:
    €1.90   for trips up to 7.5km(*)
    €2.20   for trips longer than 7.5km(*)
  • Child:  €0.90  - all distances
These fares are only available from bus-drivers, and must be purchased using cash.

Leap cards fares

  • Adult and student:
    €1.35   for trips up to 7.5km(*)
    €1.55   for trips longer than 7.5km(*)
  • Young adult / student:
    €0.65   for trips up to 7.5km(*)
    €0.80   for trips longer than 7.5km(*)
  • Child:  €0.65 (any distance)
  • Daily (24 hour) tickets
    Adult  €4.50
    Student: €3.60
    Child: €2.60
  • Weekly (168 hour) city-service tickets:
    Adult:  €18.60
    Student:  €14.60
    Child: €9.70
  • Monthly city-service tickets:
    Adult:  €68
    Student:  €54
    Child €34
    These fares are only available if you use a Leap card.  Cards must have been topped up, and  on-line top-ups must be validated at a Payzone outlet or railway station.   Top-ups cannot be purchased from bus-drivers.

    (*)   It is possible that Bus Éireann are charging higher fares only for journeys outside the previous city-fare zone, shown in red on the Cork city fare zones map.   In fact, NTA policy is that city-fare zones should be be based on journey length, no matter what previous zone applied.

    (**)   School child fares are available during school terms only

    Daily and weekly tickets are available from bus-drivers.     
    Monthly tickets are purchased from the Bus Éireann office in Parnell Place, and from selected PayZone outlets.  At the Bus Éireann office, cash, debit and credit cards are accepted. 

    Weekly tickets cover any calendar week, ie 168 hours you choose (eg Thurs-Wed), and may be purchased in advance (eg you can buy a ticket on Saturday for the week starting on Monday).   The week starts the first time after purchase that you use the Leap card without having another ticket loaded.
    Example:   You have a an all-day ticket that is validuntil 8pm today, and you buy a weekly ticket at 3pm.   If you a bus at 6pm (ie any time before 8pm), then the all-day ticket is used.  But the first time that you get a bus after 8pm, the weekly ticket is activated, ie your 168 hours starts then.

    Monthly tickets cover calendar months only (eg August).

    Annual city service tickets

    These are only available under the Tax-saver scheme, from participating employers.   Cost for a ticket in €885.00, before tax-discounting.

    Employer passes

    Companies that particulate in the TaxSaver scheme are able to purchases weekly or monthly tickets for discounted prices.   See your company's HR or payroll section to find out if your company participates, and how to purchase.   .  Not all companies participate: see the TaxSaver website for details.  Large cost-savings are available, but passes must be purchased through your company, monthly or annually in advance.

    Other discount tickets

    Bus Éireann has other discount tickets that are aimed at tourists, but may be useful to commuters / students in some cases.  Most of these can be used on city services as well as regional ones.  Check their website for details

    Fares for Bus Éireann Cork  regional to city (outer / green) zone services   

    These fares apply in the area shown on the outer Cork area bus fare zone map.
    • Daily (24 hour) green/outer zone:
      Adult €15.50
      Student:  €12.00
      Child: €9.00
    • Weekly (168 hour) green /outer zone tickets:
      Adult:  €62.00
      Student:  €49.50
      Child: €31.50
    • Monthly (calendar month) green / outer zone tickets:
      Adult:  €195.00
      Student:  €156.00
      Child: €117.00
    • Annual green / outer zone ticketAdult:   These are only available under the Tax-saver scheme, from participating employers.   Cost for a ticket is €1950.00, before tax-discounting.
    These fares are available with Leap cards only.

    Black Ash Park & Ride 

    Fares for this service are per-car, rather than per passenger  (source):
    Per day  €5.00
    Monthly  €100.00
    Annual    €1100.00

    Although this service is run by Bus Éireann as route 213, it is separate from other city bus services.   It is not subsidised by the National Transport Authority, so their determinations do not set the fares.

    Cobh Connect 

    Standard fares

    • All ages Cobh town only journeys - €1.50
    • Adult Single €4.00, and Day Return €6.00
    • Student Single  €2.50 and Return  €4.00
    • Child (3-6 years) Single   €2.50 and Return €4.00
    • Children under 3 travel free Free

    Students must have with valid ID
    10-Journey-within-30-days and monthly tickets are available for adults and students.
    Taxsaver tickets are available, and DSP Free-travel passes are accepted.

    Night-link fares

    Services after 9:45pm on Friday, Saturday and Bank Holiday Sunday are classified as Night-Links. On these the fare is Single €6.00 and Return €8.00

    Social welfare passes are not accepted, and there are no concession, student or child tickets for night-link services.

    Day return tickets, ten journey tickets, monthly tickets and Taxsaver tickets are are accepted but have a €2 supplement per journey.

    Fares are paid to the driver, and Leap cards are not currently accepted on Cobh Connect servcies.